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Knott Rigg from Moss ForceLone sheep, Newlands ValleyCloud topped Bleak Rigg from Newlands Valley.Sheepfold and sheep, Newlands Valley.Newlands Hause from Keskerdale, Newlands Valley.Evening view from Knott Rigg.Keskerdale Beck leading into Newlands Valley.Moss Force, Newlands Valley, January.Swinside SheepBleak Rigg from Newlands Hause.Whiteless Breast.Knott Rigg.Knott Rigg from Ard CragsNewlands Valley, late spring 2019.Newlands Valley, April 2018.Moss Force and Newlands Valley from Newlands Hause.Misty morning, Keskerdale.Moss Force and Newlands Valley.Keskerdale from Newlands Hause, 5am.