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Embleton CP.Embleton CP.A Lake District landscape photograph made by Chris Lewis in Cumbria. Embleton CP panorama from Slate Fell.
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Landscape photographs of the areas around Cockermouth and Lorton.
Miller Place, Lorton Vale.Gateway into Lorton Vale.Dodd, Lorton Valley and Sheep.Dodd, from Whitbeck Bridge, early morning.Sunset and sheep, Slate Fell, Cockermouth.Stanger trees and cloud, Lorton Valley.Snow, Lorton Valley & Kirk Fell from Stanger.Sheep and misty sunset, Slate Fell, Cockermouth.Lorton Vale from Slate Fell.Loweswater Fell from Hopebeck Bridge.Misty Lorton Vale and Redhow Wood.Mellbreak from Hopebeck Bridge.Dodd, Lorton Vale.Lorton Vale from Whitbeck.Sale Fell sheep.Chilly Embleton sheep.Kirk Fell, Lorton ValleyA view towards the fells from Randle Cross.A view towards Lakeland Fells.

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